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Rugged and Secure

You can never be too safe … or can you? LaCie has a new rugged safe external drive ready for those who need the extra protection. Shock proof shell designed by Neil Poulton not good enough for you? How about 128 bit encryption secured by biometrics? Comes in shiny silver and black in two flavors: 500 GB ($190) and 1 TB ($300). Go ahead, take that rugged hard drive mountain climbing with you, at least one of you should survive the fall.

New WD drives

Whatever the design team is getting paid Western Digital is getting their money’s worth. Check out the latest externals WD is hawking. The lcd has been implemented in some of their external drives as of late but the porting to the Passport lineup is a step in the right direction. The info is certainly helpful for the lazy (me <–). Next up? Larger lcds with preview features? Now that would be really cool.
Damn, those drives look sexy!

Now There’s a Good reason to buy the WD Elite

Let’s face it, who needs extra connections? Blah. The electronic display on new WD external elite models are reason enough to spend the extra money on these drives. Other than the flashy “elite” name there are some useful options with it. The label helps distinguish which drive contain what data, plus gives you a rough estimate of how space is available. Things that are the same: shape, automatic backup software, hardware based encryption, warranty, and Western Digital’s green technology.

USB 2.0? Come on already. Hello? USB 3.0? Heck even eSATA would be appreciated. If I’m paying a premium for the brand name it should have firewire. FYI Mac users will need to reformat the drive to work optimally with their hardware. FAT32 just doesn’t cut it. A nice aluminum or metal casing would look fantastic, albeit more expensive, would probably do wonders for the failure rate. Plastic is not great when it comes to heat dissipation.

Hmm, I wonder how much a label machine costs? I’m always mixing up my music and porn drives…

Drop Hard Drives Much?

Here’s a product from A-Data Technology for those of you who are clumsy bastards. Drop proof (up to 1.2 meters) and water proof (up to 30 minutes of 1 meter depth), because when you drop your stuff it always hovers around that 1 meter mark, right? Otherwise you are just plain SOL. Hmm, I wonder what happens to the drive when idiots immediately plug in the drive after dunking it into water? Wet cable/connectors, add a bit of USB power and *poof, hard drive gets shorted out. But of course nobody’s that stupid right? I mean who drops their hard drive with precious data into a lake that’s only 1 meter deep then proceeds to plug it in immediately?

However, just in case “a laboratory certification which we do not guarantee that hard drive device, data, and housing would not be damaged with the usage at any condition or environment. Please do not drop, smash or splash on this product on purpose.” (last 2 sentences on the page) So much for independent testing. Guess I won’t buy one then.

Gadgets: Sexy Portable HD by Verbatim

Looking the part is half the battle (the other half is lasers). Nothing short of sexy, Verbatim offers up the Insight, a hot little number dressed in piano black. Comes in 2 flavors: 320gb and 500gb reasonably affordable for those willing to spend $20 for some added style. The little display shows it’s name (volume name I’m guessing) and available free space. A nice feature which does not require it be plugged in.

The good: style, lcd display, includes software, 5 year warranty.
The bad: speed (5400rpm with 8mb cache), price.

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