Data Recovery – open source

The truth is, everyone is looking for that free easy solution to data recovery. Unfortunately the answer is never a simple one when you’re dealing with ever evolving technology. The complications that can occur with hard drives are sometimes impossible to retrieve. A data recovery open source solution is an option but not the answer to all situations.

The type of free data recovery solutions may occur due to a virus, or accidental deletion of files (registry or system files), there can also be electrical surrge. Hardware failures: either computer component or hard drive component.

If you’ve tried the standard methods of attempting to recover your data and have been unsuccessful then it’s time to talk to an expert. A data recovery professional will analyze the problem and accurately diagnose the situation. Once the process has been completed a quotation will be provided at no charge.

The data recovery process will begin once your authorization has been received. First any necessary physical repairs will occur, whether it be electrical or physical swaps of parts from donor drives. When the drive has been stabilized mirroring process will begin which involves a sector by sector copy to a good hard drive. Then advanced software or custom tools will be employed to repair any file damage. The recovered data will then be placed on another hard drive which is sent to the end user.

The cost of data recovery will vary depending on what ever company is used. Prices for a single drive will range between $500 – $2,000 dollars. RAID recoveries can be considerably more.


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