Tips to maximize your iPod battery’s life

Turn off the backlight or shorten the length of time it stays on.
Turn off the album art.
Normalize the audio volume of your library so you don’t have to constantly adjust the volume.
Keep your playlists current to minimize skipping songs.
Put your iPod in a location with a stable temperature. Getting too hot or too cold puts stress on the battery.
Fully charge and fully discharge to battery as much as possible.

Some of you might like to skip to 10. (bottom of this page) for some tecnical explanation for all this.This HOWTO assumes your iPod space is less than your iTunes music collection. If this is not true you only need to make the “Empty” playlist, use the iPod Updater and the optional Disk Utility.

Caution: Read all warnings you get, if something goes wrong, you are on your own. There are no guaranties attached to this HOWTO. Something in your setup, hardware or in your iPod hardware might render your iPod useless. But if you are close to 1 hour playing time it is nearly useless anyway so you might as well try? (tips)


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