Apple Care: pros and cons


AppleCare is great for those that have the few extra hundred dollars and don’t want to worry about coughing up tons of money to fix their macs. You also recieve 3 years of telephone support, which means if you need help with your mac at any time, AppleCare Telephone Support can help you. Newly converted PC users will appreciate this. Customer service is top notch and you can expect to have your questions answers most of the time. You can also reserve a spot at Apple’s Genus Bar located in their retail stores. They will help you with your problems, and if there is a serious one, they will even do the repairs for you, AppleCare covers the labour and the parts.


Extended warranty plans are almost pure profit for companies. What does this tell you about the number of failures you can expect? In addition to this AppleCare costs money, and quite a bit of it. With the Macbook/iBook AppleCare coming in at $249 USD, MacBook Pro AppleCare costing $349 USD, Mac Mini costing $149, iMac costing $169 and AppleCare for the big Mac Pro costing $249, its going to set you back quite a bit. I have also heard stories of bad service or really slow repairs, or even extended problems with the solutions. Generally the repairs aren’t fast, but luckily I have purchased Pro Care, which I will review in another post. As well, if you void your warranty for your mac, then your purchase of AppleCare has bee wasted. They also charge you the exact same thing as normal if you cause damage to your mac, on purpose or by accident.


3 Responses to “Apple Care: pros and cons”

  1. 1 Mike January 15, 2008 at 2:01 pm

    I’m against all forms of insurance so I’m on the con-side. No Apple Care! Don’t waste your money!

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