Assassin’s Creed: review

The title might seem misleading. Sneaking around as an assasin and eliminating your targets is the basis of the game. It’s a mission based game with very little sneaking. More like publicly killing your target and then running away from the guards that pursue you. Gameplay turns into a button mashing affair with your character not quite responding as quickly as you’re mashing. Overall it’s disappointing. Graphics are beautiful however most gamers will feel cheated with this gaming experience. Rent it.

The highly anticipated title, which has garnered attention since the birth of this console generation, has finally arrived after nearly four years of development and a grueling media campaign of slow reveals and hidden secrets. The time has finally come to uncloak the many mysteries behind the title and see if Ubisoft has delivered on the lofty goal of revolutionizing the action-adventure genre. (link)


1 Response to “Assassin’s Creed: review”

  1. 1 Mike January 15, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    This game is da bomb! I bought my Xbox 360 just for this game. It totally rocks next to Halo3. Thanks for posting the review.

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