Top 50 fictional weapons of all time

Imagine a world without lightsabers—where, instead, every big Star Wars finale consists of a 10-minute slap fight. Thank the maker we’ll never have to witness such a spectacle, because magical and impossibly high-tech weapons are staples of nearly all of our favorite entertainments! To pick just the 50 best, we spent weeks whittling down a massive list of our favorite pain-inflicting instruments of all time—from magic swords to laser guns to pointy balls. To make this list, however, there were a few rules: The weapon must be wieldable (that means the Death Star didn’t make the cut) and it can’t be something you can just run out and buy. So blades out, everyone—here are the greatest weapons of all time, as well as how to get your hands on a replica if one exists! KA-BLAM!

Some notables:

#1 – Green Lantern’s Power Ring – DC Comics

#4 – Lightsabers – Star Wars

#16 – Megatron – Transformers

#22 – Gunblade – FFVIII

#29 Ash’s Chainsaw Hand – Evil Dead II


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