Greenpeace starts something up with Microsoft and Nintendo

Apple’s ongoing spat with Greenpeace has produced plenty of publicity, and undoubtedly encouraged Apple to start talking openly about its environmental plans. So, Greenpeace has decided to expand the scope of its investigations in its latest report, bringing in game manufacturers Microsoft and Nintendo. Let’s just say that the new additions make Apple (which was credited with slight improvements) look good. Microsoft came in near the bottom, and Nintendo became the first company to completely flunk the evaluation.

Is this scorecard something that should be taken seriously? The answer is mixed. The description of the standards (PDF) indicates that Greenpeace reserves the right to arbitrarily change a company’s score if they decide the company did something disagreeable. “Penalty points are deducted,” the criteria state, “from overall scores if Greenpeace finds a company lying, practicing double standards or other corporate misconduct.” In this report, Motorola and Nokia both got dinged a point. (link)


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