AskMen comes out with hottest tech chicks list

I don’t know half of these women, and to be honest there not all that hot. Should bloggers qualify as tech chicks? I think there have to be several sub-categories. Hottest bloggers, hottest code monkeys, hottest tech tv personalities, and more. Blogging don’t necessarily make you tech savvy nor does reading from a teleprompter qualify you as a tech chick. Which is why I think

Kate Libby (Angelina Jolie) has so much appeal, because her character was hot and a coding monkey. Anyways here’s some of the chicks on the list.

Kristen Holt

Wendy Cheng

Olivia Munn

Morgan Webb

What makes a hot tech girl? A mix of “the girl next door”, geekish and nerdy qualities, unnatural beauty, and a bit of quirky humor.


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