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Firefox 3 beta 2 released

Mozilla has announced the official release of Firefox 3 beta 2, the tenth major developer milestone in the Firefox 3 development timeline. The new beta, which is available for download from Mozilla’s web site, includes interface improvements and a lot of extra polish.

Mozilla’s quality standards for betas require that all of the planned features be fully implemented and robust enough for daily browsing by a large number of people. That standard was fulfilled last month by the Milestone 9 release, which was the first to bear the beta designation. Additional betas will be released on a consistent basis until all of the implemented features are finalized and performance matches or exceeds that of Firefox. At that point, Mozilla will transition to release candidates to resolve last-minute regressions before the official release. (link)

Best Buy profits rise, IN YOUR FACE COMPUSA!

Best Buy Co., the nation’s largest consumer electronics retailer, reported a 52-percent jump in third-quarter profits and it raised its guidance for the full year.

Best Buy’s third-quarter profit was well ahead of analyst expectations. TV prices fell less than last year. Best Buy added stores, but kept a lid on corporate expenses. And a fluke in the calendar plopped an extra week of post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping into the third quarter.

But what the calendar gave in the third quarter, it will take away in the fourth. Without giving formal quarterly guidance, interim Chief Financial Officer Jim Muehlbauer acknowledged on a conference call that the results implied fourth quarter earnings of $1.70 per share to $1.80 per share. Analysts expected $1.82.

The Richfield, Minn.-based company said the rapid revenue growth of the third quarter would slow in the fourth because the extra holiday shopping week falls in the third quarter, and because this year’s fourth quarter is one week shorter than last year’s.

Best Buy shares rose 48 cents to close at $51.62 after earlier falling as much as 3.7 percent. (link)

Voltron Shoes by Reebok

Um, what? I think this is a crazy idea by Reebok, oh well, the shoes are out there, damage done. $80 – $135 (save your money and buy some shoes that won’t get you beat up)
Reebok Voltron Shoes

Question: Do they combine to make a giant Voltron shoe? Boo – urns!

Voltron gets served (Robot Chicken)

Apple fixes frozen keyboard bug on Leopard

Yay! Apple fanboys (and girls) celebrate! The latest updates fixes the problem.

“This update addresses a responsiveness issue on MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook computers. Some MacBook and MacBook Pro systems may occasionally experience a temporary suspension of keyboard input which can last a minute or longer. The Mac OS X 10.5.1 update is required before installing the MacBook, MacBook Pro Software Update 1.1. ”

Apple Support

Buffalo credit card drive, 100GB!

100GB that you can almost fit into your wallet. Insane.

translated link

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