Best iPod utilities

Hate iTunes? I do. Replace it with Floola. It’s a stand alone program, runs directly from your iPod, manage playlists and mp3s. Oh, and it’s FREE. Bye bye iTunes.

Hard drive crash? And of course it contained all of your music. Lucky for you there’s a program called Senuti (iTunes spelled backward because the software works backward, ipod => pc, smart name huh?). Just another reason to store everything on you iPod. Forget about data recovery … unless of course your iPod crashes. Jinx!

iPod just crash? Hmm too bad. You should have used iPodbackup.

Tired of watching your favorite DVDs on your LCD tv? Want to take those movies with you on your iPod? HandBrake is the software which will allow you to rip those DVDs and transfer them to your iPod. Big screens are totally overrated, little 2.5″ screens is where its at.

Too poor to afford an iPod with a screen? Try out this iPod database builder for the Shuffle.  Yet another anti-iTunes file manager. Build your own directory structure and kick iTunes to the curb.

Penguins are your friends. Or maybe you’re a Linux fanboy. Install Linux on your iPod! duh!  Constantly under development so expect some bugs, but it’s free! Turn your old Apple iPod into a Linux iPod. Yay! (I feel so much better.)

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  1. 1 Jake August 31, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    Can’t forget to mention the great, open-source app Songbird! The site is

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  2. 2 I Organize » Blog Archive » Best iPod utilities Trackback on December 5, 2007 at 3:40 pm

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