Government to make ISP responsible for “obscene content”

Just another example of the government invading out lives. What happened to net neutrality? I can see how child porn raises this issue but how does one define “obscene”? Perspectives greatly vary from the heartland republican to the metropolitan democrat. Plus who gets to decide? This just further muddies the Internet swamp.

“The US House of Representatives has a lovely new bill they’ve just passed that makes everyone responsible for obscenity online if they see it or if it happens to go over their WiFi. It’s called the Securing Adolescents From Exploitation Online act (or SAFE, get it?!?), and it’s yet another overreaching, reactionary pile of crap from our lovely government. But forget about the huge privacy issues and how the responsibilities it’d place on everyone from hotspot owners to email providers would cripple them, according to a lot of people reporting on it, this’ll effect one group above all others: people who are into porn cartoons. Weep for the future!” (link)


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