Cellphones rule, What’s a landline?

With Americans cutting the cord to their land lines, 2007 is likely to be the first calendar year in which U.S. households spend more on cell phone services, industry and government officials say.

The most recent government data show that households spent $524, on average, on cell phone bills in 2006, compared with $542 for residential and pay-phone services. By now, though, consumers almost certainly spend more on their cell phone bills, several telecom industry analysts and officials said.

”What we’re finding is there’s a huge move of people giving up their land line service altogether and using cell phones exclusively,” said Allyn Hall, consumer research director for market research firm In-Stat. (story)


1 Response to “Cellphones rule, What’s a landline?”

  1. 1 eksith December 18, 2007 at 5:49 pm

    Yeah, but this is actually a bit dangerous.
    Let’s say your power went out.. And have no means to recharge.

    Or what if the cell tower is somehow damaged or even sabotaged (it has been known to happen)?

    Unless you have some sort of backup plan like extra batteries or a hand-crank generator, you’re in big trouble in an emergency.

    When the power goes out, if you have a plain ‘ol phone that doesn’t need electricity, chances are, you can still dial out if the phone lines are intact.

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