Gaming industry in Canada hits a high

 Video games were a hot seller over the holidays and the numbers show. With Sony and Microsoft dueling to proclaim themselves the winner of the video game consoles, each producer pumped out video games like hot cakes. Bigger, better, faster and consumers lined up behind their consoles. Although Nintendo quietly swooped in and stole their thunder by changing the game. Or rather exposing what gamers really want. Fun, easy, different gaming experience. Raise the bar? More like redefine the video game. The video game industry can thank Nintendo for the it’s record numbers. At last check Nintendo Wii’s had outsold Sony Playstation 3’s by 3 to one. The Xbox 360 wasn’t even on the radar. Sony should see a boost to it’s sales numbers this year when the HD DVD format finally admits defeat and consumers flood to the Blu-ray format. But for now, Nintendo rules. Thank you Nintendo.

“The Canadian video game industry rang up a record $1.5 billion at the cash register in 2007, up 56 per cent from the previous year.” (link)

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