Another reason not to use SMS

It’s damn expensive! People do not realize how much they add to their monthly phone bills by typing a cutsie little “hi ;)”. Send a few of those a day and you’re costing your self a few extra bucks a month. Is it really worth the hassle to spend 1 minute typing in the message rather than calling the person? Stop wasting your money.

“I just found out that AT&T (A-fee&fee?) is raising their text message pricing. When I first signed up for AT&T 6 or so years ago it cost 10 cents to send an SMS message, and it was free to receive them.

When AT&T switched to Cingular the price of sending a message dropped to 5 cents, but they started charging for incoming texts – also 5 cents. Assuming you send a message for every message you receive, this works out at about the same price as before.” (link)

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