The humble beginnings of Skynet, courtesy of IBM

It’s no secret I have a humorous opinion on evil robot computers that develop their own artificial intelligence and take over the world and extinguish all human life … (sound familiar?). So you can image my surprise that IBM is working on a super – super computer with the potential to host the entire Internet (see quote below). ALL of it! Suddenly the world has become even smaller. Think about it … everything stored on server packed away in some closet at IBM headquarters. Then some fool trips over the cable and the whole Internet crashes (YouTube). But if IBM develops the technology then does that mean they get to host the Internet? Who decides? Would it be filtered? Would the government step in and take control of the project and find military applications for it? And there you have the humble beginnings of Skynet.

The Register has unearthed a research paper that shows IBM working on a computing system capable “of hosting the entire internet as an application.” This mega system relies on a re-tooled version of IBM’s Blue Gene supercomputers so loved by the high performance computing crowd. IBM’s researchers have proposed tweaking the Blue Gene systems to run today’s most popular web applications such as Linux, Apache, MySQL and Ruby on Rails.”


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