Fake tech: You get what you pay for

They’re called EPods, PolyStations, Good Boys, HiPhones and Viis. The names and designs of these knockoff electronics are close to the real thing and they’re a lot cheaper.

But obviously they’re not Apple’s iPod music player or iPhone, nor Sony’s PlayStation or Nintendo’s Wii and Game Boy game consoles. Often they don’t work exactly like the real thing – if at all.

Just like faux Gucci bags, fake Rolex watches and copied designer duds, knockoff electronic products are in stores and are being hawked on the Internet.

“It’s not like a handbag that you can look at and say, ‘Yeah, it looks like a Gucci – it has the same patterns, same stitching and looks decent,”‘ said technology columnist Marc Saltzman.

“With electronics, you actually have to use it in order to find out how well it works,” he said. (link)


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