Hardware encryption not really protecting your data?

The specifications of the 2.5in. Easy Nova Data Box PRO-25UE RFID hard drive case by German vendor Drecom sound promising: hardware data encryption with 128-bit AES, access control via an RFID chip compact enough to carry around on your key ring and optional 160GB or 250GB hard disk capacity. Swiping the RFID chip along the case causes the integrated Innmax IM7206 crypto controller to reveal the drive as a USB 2.0 mass storage compatible device to the attached computer. This works under Linux and Mac OS X as well as Windows. There’s no need for special drivers.

Look a little closer, and things don’t look so good. Heise online’s sister publication c’t magazine has discovered that the encryption offered by this product was weak, and erroneously advertised as including “128-bit AES hardware data encryption”. c’t has since spoken with the manufacturers involved and can confirm that the encryption weakness discovered probably affects numerous similar products. (link)


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