Laptop to take picture of thieves

A company in the UK has claimed a patent for a new high-tech version of exploding dye packs that are placed in banks in bags of cash. This new patented software will photograph the laptop thief remove any sensitive files, and not only that, will give away its position.

The system has had exhaustive tests in the county of Yorkshire, which followed a spate of well-publicised thefts of government laptops from cars or homes of government officials.

The company will charge a monthly fee of £10/$20 for a link to its main control centre, the staff at the centre can quickly take action if the laptop is switched on outside of a designated area, this can be outside of a government building or even a small area such as a specific desk.

If the computer is removed from a specified area, the computer will automatically connect to the Internet when it is switched on, and then commence to take multiple photographs of its surroundings and user, at the same time sending out a signal specifying its exact location to the company’s control centre. (link)

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