Proposed bill to criminalize violent video game sales to minors

In 2005, California passed a law that prohibited the sale of violent or sexually explicit video games to minors. Since then, as in every other state where this sort of law has been attempted, the legislation was found to be unconstitutional. It was hit with an injunction preventing its enforcement before being completely blocked back in 2007. Gov. Schwarzenegger appealed that decision, and this week Media Coalition filed an amicus brief to oppose the law and hopefully end this back and forth in the courts.

Amicus curiae means “friend of the court,” and the term describes briefs filed by groups with pertinent information or insights into cases that they are directly involved in. Media Coalition, the group behind the new amicus filing (PDF), not only includes groups related to video games but also the Association for American Booksellers, The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the Motion Picture Association of America, and the Recording Industry Association of America, among others.

The reason for the brief is a simple one: once the California government has set that precedent that it can legally censor or control violent content, the business of every member of Media Coalition would be at risk. (link)

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