Lego army complete with realistic weapons

Lego + guns = awesome. If you are a hardcore Lego fan with a membership with the NRA these toys are right up your alley. BrickArms can sell you your very own Lego army complete with realistic weapons right down to every detail. Some of the weapons include the superadvanced Colonial Marines’ Xeno Pulse Rifles to NATO’s G36 Assault Rifles to vintage German Rocket Propeller Grenade launchers, PPK pistols with Brausch silencers and Magnum revolvers. Play out all the major conflicts in Lego!



1 Response to “Lego army complete with realistic weapons”

  1. 1 Noah November 25, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    I`m a big lego fan but i dont a member ship for The NRA but i love legos and love army stuff…. but can i still get it please reply. thanks. signed Noah

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