Gamers keeping CD/DVD industry on life support

Entertainment is big business and, while sales of physical DVDs and CDs are down, consumers are spending on video games in a big way. While conventional wisdom may say that more time and money spent buying and playing games leeches profits from other forms of media entertainment, a new report from the NPD Group says that gamers actually spend more money on non-gaming entertainment products, making them an important target for companies worried about withering sales.

“While it’s true that growth was centered on gaming last year, core gamers—those who played video games daily or several times each week—still spent most of their entertainment budgets on non-gaming entertainment,” the NPD Group states. “These consumers remain more likely to buy a DVD or CD than they are to purchase a new video game. In fact, 58 percent had purchased a new DVD in the past six months, 46 percent bought a CD, and 43 percent purchased a game for a console.” (link)


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