Blizzard sues World of Warcraft bot maker

Renowned game developer Blizzard has filed suit against a man named Michael Donnelly, the creator of a software program that allows users to automate play of the company’s popular title, World of WarCraft. Blizzard is arguing that Donnelly’s tool, entitled “MMO Glider,” infringes on the End User License Agreement (EULA) of WoW. Donnelly contends that because the game client is not copied, it does not infringe on Blizzard’s copyright. Blizzard has countered by saying that the tool actually copies the game into RAM in order to circumvent WoW’s anti-cheat protection.

“Blizzard’s designs expectations are frustrated, and resources are allocated unevenly, when bots are introduced into the WoW universe, because bots spend far more time in-game than an ordinary player would and consume resources the entire time,” Blizzard’s statement reads.

“Blizzard permits its licensees to load the WoW game client software into RAM to play WoW. As such, Blizzard’s licensees cannot violate Blizzard’s exclusive rights under the Copyright Act to make copies simply by loading a copy of the program into RAM to play WoW,” Donnelly’s statement contests. (link)

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