Intel touting new laptop security technology

Laptop theft can affect users in more than one way. Not only do you lose your (undoubtedly not cheap) portable computer, you also lose all of the data on it. Of course, backing up ensures that it’s not actually lost to you, but what about the person who has the laptop? Your electronic tax returns, embarrassing videos of yourself singing and dancing to N’Sync songs, and salacious e-mails are all somewhere out there, out of your control. (I once came into the possession of a laptop that was lost at O’Hare and never claimed, and found all sorts of e-mails on it from the owner who apparently cheated on his wife whenever he traveled. True story.)

Intel hopes to reduce that level of embarrassment (and more importantly, identity theft) by introducing Intel Anti-Theft Technology (ATT) later this year. The technology would involve placing a chip in the machine that would prevent it from booting without the owner’s permission, Intel Mobility Group chief Dadi Perlmutter told The Register, although he declined to go into much more detail. He also indicated that ATT might one day incorporate tracking technology so that users might eventually be able to get their hardware back. (link)


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