Canadian ISP’s complain to CRTC for help against Bell, Rogers

ISP service in Canada is a monopoly. It’s either Rogers or Bell. Either way you get screwed.

“But one industry observer says average users have little say in the level of internet service they receive.

‘It really comes down to consumers and a lack of real choice of broadband internet service,’ said Richard Morochove, a Toronto-based IT consultant.

‘We’re having . . . a near monopoly situation in Canada with respect to high-speed broadband access.’ ” (link)

The Canadian Association of Internet Providers have asked the CRTC to step in and tell them to stop. I’m guessing they will stay out of the issue until something blows up or protesters show up on their doorstep.

“In its complaint to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the association contends that Bell’s traffic shaping activity is in breach of a number of regulated activities and an abuse of its market dominance.” (link)

1 Response to “Canadian ISP’s complain to CRTC for help against Bell, Rogers”

  1. 1 Andy July 10, 2008 at 12:34 am

    I just got charged extra under Rogers Metered internet.
    One day they annouce I’m at 75% 2 days later in the morning when I woke I was at 100% of my monthly usage,I’m not sure how I used 25 % between the time I went to sleep and waking.
    Rogers has since the beginning used gorilla tatics to become exclusive.
    Even to getting bylaws passed to ban TV Antena’s
    They have started a campain against Satalite TV to out right vandalism if they get access to sat equipment.
    I still recall on Hockey night a Rogers Van being parked on a residental street the driver getting into the back and hockey was blanked out if you didn’t have cable,the next day reps from Rogers showed up at you door to sign you up.
    They have bullied every other ISP until they closed or shut down operations.
    I was told using Skype to make phone calls will soon be stopped by Rogers they won’t stand for me only paying 2.2 cents a minute.
    We are supposed to be protected from robber barons,what happened?

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