Wireless security, USB tools, and Bush

Setting up a wireless network can be a hassle … ok, it IS a hassle. Once you finally get everything up and running you’re still not done. Wireless security is a must for any network. (ABC’s of securing wireless networks) Despite the unlikely event that someone is tapping into your network, it’s better to be safe, than sorry.

On another front, Microsoft has been developing a forensic USB tool capable of bypassing PC security. Maybe this answers why there are so many bugs in the Windows OS? Hmm. So I encrypt my laptop, passwords all over, biometric security, and Microsoft is selling a USB tool for $99.99 that will undo all of that. *&^%$#@!!

Losing data? How about accidentally deleting data? Take a look at how the Bush government lost incriminatory emails, how convenient. I’m sure they went to great lengths to contact IT specialists, 2nd and third opinions while failing to contact an established data recovery company. What about the backups? Oh I see, accidentally wiped those too huh? (cover-up)


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