Vista less secure than 2000

It seems everyone is bashing Vista these days. A researcher now claims that Microsoft Windows Vista is less secure that Windows 2000. That’s a bold statement when Vista was supposed to be the most secure OS Microsoft has turned out. Under certain situations I’m sure this can be true. I’m no Vista lover but I’d like to think newer stuff is better than older stuff … in most cases. I think I’ll stick with XP just a bit longer.

According to company CEO Simon Clausen, “recent research conducted with statistics from over 1.4 million computers within the ThreatFire community has shown that Windows Vista is more susceptible to malware than the eight year old Windows 2000 operating system, and only 37 percent more secure than Windows XP.” This certainly sounds dire, and at first glance, the company’s numbers back its statements up. Data reports from the company’s ThreatFire security program state that Vista allowed an average of 639 threats per 1,000 computers “through.” Through, in this case, presumably means that the malware in question successfully installed itself and became active. (link)


4 Responses to “Vista less secure than 2000”

  1. 1 whyamistilltyping May 12, 2008 at 10:29 am

    Completely agree, people love a good Microsoft bashing whether it is justified or not. In this case however, so few people still use Windows 2000 (NT 5) that it is not worth the malware group’s time to target these platforms, same as Mac OSX and Linux.

    Personally, I think Vista is one of the more secure operating systems Redmond have produced in recent years but no software company can account for problems between the chair and keyboard.

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