UK gamer developers flee from taxes to … Canada?

Gaming, as an industry, has become an economic powerhouse. The growth of the industry in the US is exceeding the overall growth of the US economy, and is in fact a bright spot in an otherwise dour picture of the nation’s finances. Game developers are creating a product that is doing very well in even the worldwide market, and where these companies set up shops, jobs and cash follow. Developers in the UK are now pressuring the government to step up tax breaks for the gaming industry, and they’re wielding a very real stick: developers have already begun to flee for the greener pastures of Canada.

15 game companies have joined a lobbying group called “Games Up?” to fight for better benefits in the UK. “All our key competitors offer tax breaks and grants, putting UK developers at a disadvantage,” said Richard Wilson, a chief executive of Tiga, the UK trade organization for game developers. (ArsTechnica)

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