‘Lazy Geek’s Cushion’ practical?

How often do you find yourself lying face down on the carpet while surfing the net? (never) … ok, ok so maybe once in awhile you might (not me) but does it justify forking out some cash in the name of surfing comfort? The lazy geek’s cushion is probably aimed at a young rich tech market, who have more money than brains.

My laptop, and every laptop I’ve ever owned has the vent/fan on the bottom and putting it on the carpet would be asking it to overheat in a snap. However, if I had a MacBook I might find myself playfully editing movies and photos while spread out on my shag carpet (like every other MacBook owner). I’d be more likely to spend money on a mini table for my lap, when I’m sitting on the couch watching tv while surfing the net, or downloading the episode I just missed real time.

On the other hand it could double as a sex cushion.

(Just my rant of the day against silly items on sale)


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