Study: kids surfing more than reading

“Teens spent an average of 12.5 hours online in a single week, up from 10.7 hours last year. Tweens are up to 6.5 hours from 5.2 last year. While teens said that e-mail is for “old people” two years ago, Youth Trends’ study cites e-mail, IM, and casual gaming at the top of the online activities list. YouTube, Facebook, Google, and MySpace are popular destinations for teens, while Webkinz, Nick, YouTube, and Disney adorn the bookmark lists of tweens.”

Email?! Who’s still using email? And why is Google on the list? Should using Google count? Google’s fast, so spending that much time Googling stuff is ridiculous. Unless … they are looking up answers for test!

“Teens are watching slightly more TV this year, up to 11.9 hours per week from 11.6 last year. Strangely, tweens spent even more time than teens in front of the television with 12.2 hours per week, up from 11.8 last year.”

TV is better/worse than Internet? Worse. TV’s make you become a mindless zombie. Internet only does it if you are on MySpace and YouTube.

“Mobile phone ownership is up from 65 percent last year to 73 percent among teens, and 26 percent of tweens also owning a phone. Text messaging is cited as the primary activity, though it’s feasible that owning a phone may also contribute to time spent on the Internet with the new surge in mobile phone sites.” (link)

Where do kids find the time? Internet, TV, and phones? Is there actual time spent socializing face to face … I didn’t think so. I have a hard enough time finding time for Internet and TV in a single day. 2 hours of Internet, maybe 1 of some TV flipping (no actual consumption of knowledge) and that’s it. I need to learn how to multi-task better.


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