HDTV’s hazardous to your health

It seems the gas inside flat-panel displays, Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3), is 17,000 times better than CO2 when it comes to trapping heat in the atmosphere. The gas isn’t very prevalent yet but just wait until we start throwing away our old HDTVs to get OLEDs. Best of all, “has a characteristic mouldy smell and is thought to be highly harmful to the liver and kidneys.” Tasty!

While flat-screen manufacturers are talking up their greenness, what we really need to know is their NF3 use and energy efficiency. It will be interesting to see how long this issue lasts until someone does something about it. (link)


1 Response to “HDTV’s hazardous to your health”

  1. 1 Michael LaBossiere July 4, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    In general, electronic devices contain a wide range of toxins. This doesn’t mean that we should not be concerned about HDTVs and the gas you mention; it does mean that we should be concerned about our electronic waste in general. See, for example, http://blog.talkingphilosophy.com/?p=330

    What is the average amount of NF3 gas used in HDTVs? How much of it would have to accumulate before it has an impact? Does it undergo any change when exposed to the atmosphere and sunlight?

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