Texas Hold’em AI comes out on top this year

So when are they gonna release this program against the online poker websites? Hmm? I can already hear the money rolling in. The amount of money involved here is ridiculous and so tempting that I’m sure the programmers are gonna cave and eventually try it out one weekend. After a few wins and a few bucks, they’ll get caught and then get banned from every poker site. This is like virtual case of the MIT students caught card counting, except with texas holdem.

“One of the proving grounds for artificial intelligence is games. Classic games have a fixed set of rules, and these make it easier for researchers to develop new techniques and algorithms that enable computers to play (and hopefully win) various games. Tic-tac-toe, checkers, and chess are all games where researchers have developed software that is capable of winning or drawing when paired off against the best human players in the world. Last weekend, researchers at the University of Alberta added another classic game to this list: poker. In a series of matches that took place over the Fourth of July weekend in Las Vegas, the researchers’ Polaris poker program won against a group of top-ranked online poker players.” (link)


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