Toshiba 400GB … in a 2.5″ hard drive

400GB too much? I have a theory about the average user. Most only have about 80GB of data. The casual user has even less maybe 10 – 40GB. The heavy user is going to have 250GB – 1TB. The question is: will heavy users be willing to shell out for a 2.5″ 400GB drive? Would that lead them to purchase a Toshiba product over another brand? I’m guessing most heavy users opt for an external drive to house the bulk of their data while only essential programs are installed on the laptop. Seems like a very targeted product but then again, do you see anyone else producing these drives yet? Exactly. Innovation breeds user confidence which means more money for Toshiba.

“Toshiba Launches 400GB 2.5-Inch HDD Introduces New Line-up Of 7,200rpm Drives

400GB Drive Cuts Acoustic Noise During Data Seek By 2dB(1) For near Silent Operation
Toshiba Corporation today announced a new line-up of high performance 2.5-inch HDDs, including a low-noise flagship model that boosts areal density to 477Mbit/mm2 (308Gbpsi) to achieve a capacity of 400GB on just two platters, plus five drives that bring new levels of performance and 7,200rpm rotational speeds to the company’s full range of storage capacities.” (link)


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