Logitech bluetooth earphones for the iPod

Although it’s anybody’s guess whether Apple will release an iPod with integrated Bluetooth wireless capabilities, Logitech has stepped up to the plate with its Wireless Headphones for the iPod ($150), the first set of Bluetooth headphones for Apple’s MP3 player. The well-designed product includes white neckband-style headphones with foam-covered ear pads and built-in controls, a low-profile Bluetooth 1.2 wireless transmitter (measuring 1.25 by 2.5 by 0.75 inches) that attaches to any dockable iPod, and a charger cable. (If you want wireless headphones for another MP3 player, check out Logitech’s Wireless Headphones for MP3.) The transmission range of up to 30 feet lets you conveniently stash your iPod in a messenger bag or a purse, for instance, while listening untethered.

At just 3.2 ounces, the surprisingly light headset was comfortable throughout mostly sedentary, multihour listening sessions and didn’t dislodge once during a 40-minute jog. However, you should note that the headband is not adjustable, so the ‘phones won’t fit everyone as well as they fit us. Although you wouldn’t want to regularly run while holding the bulky iPod, the wireless capability lets you stash it in a treadmill’s accessory holder or even leave it in a nearby gym bag during your workout. The headset is appropriately easy to operate without requiring you to look at its controls. The outside of the right earpiece hosts four keys (volume up, volume down, next track, and previous track) that are intuitively arrayed around a large, circular play/pause button, and the volume controls have slight indents so that you can distinguish them by feel from the track-skip keys. (link)


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