Everun UMPC now with dual core

Are we getting carried away here? Sure a ultra mini laptop for web surfing and email is a great concept but now this is starting to get ridiculous. Is this really what consumers want? The benefits of a desktop computer within a smaller device? I thought the whole point of having a UMPC was for it’s specialized and limited functions. A 7″ screen is perfect for web surfing and emailing at the local coffee shop. Now we are just getting silly. People are going to complain about the small screen size, enter 9″ and 11″ screens. Then complain about the size of the keyboard and how it’s difficult to type. Bigger and bigger, and eventually you will have a 2lbs laptop with a 13″ screen for $400 … except don’t we have something like that already? Without the price point? So really we, as consumers, want a cheaper notebook?

Yes, it’s silly but I’m still going to buy one.

“Remember that 7-inch mini notebook the unit’s Device Manager outed as belonging to Raon Digital? AVING USA spotted it at some sort of launch event today that introduced the AMD Turion device as the Everun Note. Mostly as expected, the “premium mini notebook” has a 7-inch 1024 x 600 display, 1GB of RAM, up to 80GB hard drive (12GB SSD option), SD slot, 802.11b/g wi-fi, and Bluetooth. Contrary to earlier reports, the XP-running Everun Note may not have built-in 3G WWAN when it becomes available in both Korea and North America next month. I say “may not” because there’s mention of a USIM card slot in the specs, but nowhere else.” (link)


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