SATA gets faster, hard drives not dead yet

I’m still using IDE drives. Only recently have I upgraded some pcs to SATA. And then there’s SSD’s right around the corner. Just go easy on the price so I can afford the new stuff, ‘kay? SSD’s are around the corner but traditional hard drives are still hanging on. IDE drives are still fast enough for most home user’s requirements and SATA drives perform nicely for the most demanding applications. So looks like the spinning platters are going to hang around for a bit longer.

“The new specification is said to keep the low cost and power of the current 2.0 spec and will maintain backward compatibility by keeping the existing SATA connector configuration. The same currently-used cables and connectors will be able to connect SATA 6Gb/s devices, although SATA-IO recommends utilizing “quality components” to ensure data integrity and robust operation at the fast 6Gb/s transfer rate.” (link)


1 Response to “SATA gets faster, hard drives not dead yet”

  1. 1 Andrew December 11, 2008 at 1:48 am

    Being in the industry of HDD’s
    Most, about 90% of the HDD’s we see are still IDE drives and still most of the PC’s we see are not even SATA compatable.

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