Technology catches China with Olympic lie

Anyone surprised over this? Anyone? They’ve been doing this for years.

“One of the controversies that’s been swirling around the Chinese Olympic Games since they began is the age of several of China’s gymnasts. According to Chinese officials (and, of course, official passports and ID cards), both He Kexin and Jiang Yuyuan are 16, and therefore old enough to compete in the Olympic Games. Unfortunately for China, there’s a growing body of evidence pointing in the opposite direction, including online evidence a gumshoe hacker discovered lurking in the cache of Baidu, China’s equivalent of Google.

If these allegations prove true, it would scarcely be the first time China has lied about the age of an athlete. In 2000—three years after the minimum qualifying age for Olympic Gymnastic competition was raised to 16—Chinese gymnast Yang Yun won a bronze medal for her performance on the uneven bars. Yang’s passport showed her as 16 years old at the time, but the gymnast herself later admitted on Chinese national television that she and her coaches had lied about her age, and that she had been just 14 at the time. There’s also evidence that Chinese gymnast Li Ya was just 13 when she competed at the World Championships in Anaheim back in 2003.” (link)


1 Response to “Technology catches China with Olympic lie”

  1. 1 Andrew August 22, 2008 at 3:09 am

    I am very curious, why people especially the western media keep saying there are more and more evidence pointing that the Chinese gymnast is underage…..blah..blah….But not forwarding any concrete evidence to the IOC, so what the “jealous & zealous” loser expect the IOC to do…act on their heysay & suspiscion !?.. One can always say…i suspect this guy of this, that guy of that because he had beaten me, which he shouldn’t and mustn’t because i “feel” that i am better than him ! come on, be a gracious loser or else provide hard evidence otherwise just training harder for the next Olympic.

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