Corporate gaming promotes productivity

As a gamer, I think this is great news. Far too often playing computer games is given a bad reputation. It’s a great stress reliever, sharpens your mental abilities, and most of all it’s just plain fun. It’s not just a time waster or slacking off, it will provide returns in the long run. Trust me, you’d rather an employee go postal playing Halo than in RL. (see original post below)

“David Edery and Ethan Mollick argue that many skills and lessons from the gaming world are applicable in the business world. The smartest firms, the authors argue, will not only allow game-playing in the workplace, but will actively encourage it.

To CEOs who throw a tantrum every time they catch someone playing solitaire on an office PC, or who consider video games to be the exclusive preserve of pasty-faced teens, that may sound like daft advice.” (link)


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