Fix my computer or else!

What did we ever do before the Internet? Many of us now depend solely on a broadband connection for our livelihoods. And then one day you turn on the computer and nothing, zip, nada … no Internet. Panic sets in, you check the cables, reboot, turn things off and on, but to no avail. Then you make the dreaded call to your ISP and prepare for the 1 hour wait to talk to a real person. As you can imagine it IS a frustrating experience.

“Carol Sinclair, a Halifax actress and playwright, found herself in that position, and now, what started as a routine telephone standoff with an Internet provider, leaves her facing criminal charges.” (link)

Holding a repairman hostage? Well the facts are still to be decided in court but I’m sure many of us have felt the urge when a clueless technician arrives and fails to fix the problem. Most of us would have taken our computers to the nearest computer store to get checked out (it’s not ALWAYS the ISP’s fault). Perhaps she got a virus, who knows but clearly the situation got out of control. Technology can do that to you. Frustrate you and leave you feeling helpless with no hope of a resolution. Next time you encounter such a problem, don’t make a knee jerk reaction. Take a deep breath, think it through, and then consult your local nerd/geek/tech friend.


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