Germany a phisher’s delight

How easy is it to get your hands on millions of private data? Hello? McFly? Have you heard of this Interweb? Personal details of 6 million Germans for 850 euros. That was enough to prod German lawmakers into action. So what’s on tap? A complete overhaul to data protection and privacy rules. Officials want to make it illegal to pass private data of individuals around without their express consent. This was all brought to the attention of the German government by 36 yr old, Detlef Tiegel, who claimed to have the banking details of over a million people and proved it, presenting them with a CD with all the information. He said the information was obtained from the lottery corporation that he worked for. (What kind of lottery is this exactly?) We’ll have to wait and see whether the changes have any impact in phishing activity or not, but in the meantime, I won’t be entering my banking details on any German lottery sites … for now.


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