Spore: more to the game than just DRM issues

If you’re one of the gamers who eagerly awaited the game “Spore” you either love it or hate it. Personally I’m not a big sim-game person but I do have to admit that there are some very good elements to the game. For sim fans it offers several different levels of sim games in one, expect more hours of gameplay compared to regular simulation games. Most of the negative feedback stems from the DRM issues. Yes, DRM. You only get 3 installs, Internet activation required then you have to call EA to explain why you need a 4th. Just check out some of the customer reviews on Amazon.

Now the 1 star rating is a bit of a backlash and harsh. The game isn’t bad but it’s not amazing either. I expected a bit more from the game play for something that was 10 years in development. It’s an above average sim game, if you like the concept you’ll enjoy it regardless of what others say.


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