Fanboys miss the point

Saw this pic on Gizmodo. It’s some guy dressed up in a costume which looks like an iPhone. Reading the commentary most of the Apple fanboys seem to be focused on the comedic value of the costume (ie. ‘typeface and icons’) rather than the actual point. The guy is trying to make the loyal Apple consumer aware of the non-union workers Apple employs. Just some union construction guys who want Apple to use them instead of cheaper non-union workers.

Now I’m actually against unions. I think they make companies worse. But I’m even more against fanboys. Blinded by love for a company (or product in this case) warps all sense of reality. I mean pointing out the look of the poor interface? I guess if the costume was more precise the message might have gotten through. My first thought was, ‘what’s he protesting about?’ Considering the fact that he was dedicated enough to make a full sized costume and go out in public merits some attention to his message.

I guess I’m not ready to devote my life worshiping a company for it’s trendy success. Isn’t that what a fanboy is all about? Excuse me while I got watch some Star Trek.


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