Technology: “You’re not the boss of me!”

It’s everywhere. Eat, sleep, breathe it. Technology. Ingrained as a part of everyday life. You can’t avoid it but for now we are still the ones in control. But more often we are choosing to give up control and hand it to microprocessors and circuits and then blame them for the consequences.

Take for example this genius who takes orders from a GPS. Forget that you have eyes or even a brain. If the GPS tells you turn on to train tracks, DO NOT TURN, for God’s sake! Of course this is an extreme example of pure stupidity. Some people should not have access to technology.

Although my iPod is now even getting into the act. The Genius function is making playlist for me and pushing songs in front of me. Yes, I have [insert girly pop artist] in my library, but I do not want that playing when I have guests over. Thank you for embarrassing me, genius.

And in the morning (every morning for that matter) I like to sleep in. I sure do not want my alarm clock harassing me at 113dB. Is it any wonder I’ve gone through a few alarm clocks this year?

Sure technology makes life easier, but just remember who’s in charge. Don’t be stupid and hand over control of your life. That brain of yours IS good for something.

To technology: I bought you and I can smash you, so stop telling me what to do, when to do it, how to do it.


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