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Samsung to produce SSD’s for the enterprise masses

Samsung has announced that they are planning on mass producing a new SSD lineup in 25GB and 50GB capacities. The new solid state drives are said to be faster, more durable, and greener than “the other guys”. They are targeting the enterprise market with high end servers and a lot of money to spend. Read speeds of 100MB/second and write it at 80MB/s. The drives are due out next month so start saving.

New WD now with Firewire

Far too often you see external drives advertised and rush out to the store to buy one only to be disappointed … that is if you’re a Mac user. What’s with no Firewire love? Usually you’d be confined Lacie drives or having to pay extra for a Seagate model with Firewire included. Look no further Western Digital has included the feature on it’s My Passport Studio mini external drives. FireWire 800/400 and USB connections with sizes ranging up to 500GB. It’s nice to have choices.

Online storage companies can go bankrupt

Online backup and storage is one of the more popular methods for protecting important data. Despite the technology industries normally resilience to fluctuating financial situations occasionally even IT companies fail. A few users found out that these companies aren’t immune to the current economic troubles.

A company called Digital Railroad recently shutdown much to the chagrin of its many users who depending on their services. An announcement was posted on the site on October 28. The company was just 4 years old and was popular among the photography industry for it’s e-commerce platform and backup solutions. As you can imagine their customers panicked when they realized they had only 24 hours to access their data.

While online storage solutions are still viable it’s worth reconsidering if you rely on these services on a day to day basis. Perhaps it might be a good idea to invest in your own NAS for in house solutions as well. Or perhaps even a RAID server as they are becoming easier and easier to setup and maintain.

Thecus N3200PRO NAS

I’m sure you’ve seen NAS (network attached storage) before so what’s so different about the N3200PRO? It’s powered by an AMD Geodeā„¢ CPU. It supports 3 SATA drives, RAID 5, a little lcd keeps you in the loop of your drive status. Connect a USB wireless adapter and you won’t even have to worry about network cables. Share photos and even set up an iTunes music server or, for the security conscious, plug in a webcam and keep tabs on the babysitter. A simple data solution for the home user. Never have to worry about data recovery with a RAID set up protecting your data. Now, what was that nanny wearing again? (link)

MTV taking on YouTube, iTunes?

MTV has jumped into a few arenas recently. Cracking open the vault MTV has started up a new site offering pretty much every single music video they’ve ever got their hands on. It’s an impressive library with a few exclusive live events. Have you forgotten about the geeky girl in the corner called YouTube? MTV will bring a new hotness to online music videos.

In addition to this it seems MTV is making moves on other people’s girlfriends too. This opens up music/ringtone downloads through the MTV network. Hello iTunes, how’d you like a bitch slap? Things are starting to get a bit crowded.

More content, more traffic, more advertising revenue? I’m sure Google is laughing all the way to the bank. (link)

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