Hard drives: less brands to choose from

Looks like the big fish keep swallowing the little fish. Rumor has it that Western Digital is primed to take over Fujitsu’s hard drive division. Fujitsu has been struggling as of late to turn a profit from this division. The 2 big boys (WD and Seagate) pretty much dominate the market. I mean when’s the last time you actually saw a Fujitsu hard drive? Samsung and Hitachi still make hard drives as well as Toshiba (notebook hard drives).

The purchase could thrust Western Digital’s mobile drive division into the spot light to seriously contend with Seagate for the laptop market. However that momentum could be short lived given the recent push towards SSD storage. SSD technology seems more failure resistant especially when it comes to hard drive crashes. Less moving parts = lower failure rate. But current pricing still makes them cost prohibitive. Whenever you can take data recovery scenarios out of the picture that certainly eases the minds of most IT staff. Perhaps Fujitsu’s getting out of the game just in time.


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