Review: Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW 22″ LCD

Key specs:
Size 22″ widescreen
Resolution 1680 x 1050
Response 5ms (2ms gray to gray)
Contrast ratio 8000:1
Connection VGA/DVI
Price $209 CDN

Found this on sale and could not resist. Fresh out of the box everything is nicely packaged. The base was wrapped up in pieces of protective plastic to ensure the glossy finish remained as such. Putting everything together was a piece of cake. Snapped everything in place and put the screws on to secure the base to the bezel. Propped it up and it looked fantastic. Finally I had a monitor which matched my Antec Sonata III case and was just as luxurious looking. The glossy frame looks out of place in my crappy basement. Looks great, now let’s give it a test run.

Movies: I’m too cheap to subscribe to HD cable however I’m considering switching. Playing movies and HD tv shows looked amazing. To be honest it looked better than my old Sony WEGA tv. Motion was seamless and smooth. The colors and quality truly impressed me. Compared to my BenQ lcd the colors seem more vibrant. No adjustments required. It was a little bright for my tastes (I prefer below average brightness levels) but easily adjusted.

Dual display is a snap. However finding the desk space was a little difficult given the short friggin cables. I was forced to prop up my tower from floor to give me some cable slack (again old college textbooks proved their worth). I have a BenQ 20″ widescreen lcd and now a Samsung 2253bw 22″ widescreen lcd. As you can imagine there’s not much viewing area left. I never tried out multiple displays before but I think I really like it. Even though it’s not practical (how much multitasking can you really do?) it sure looks sweet. On my quad core I encoding a movie, burning a CD, watching Heroes (on the 22″ Samsung) and surfing the net on the old monitor. Awesome! Just remember to crank up the fan on your video card to keep it cool.

Buttons: the buttons are on the bottom side of the monitor. A small clear plastic lip extends down to prevent any accidental button pushes. Finding the button involves a bit of feeling around and gentle prodding (kinds like when your in bed with your girlfriend, hahaha … really). But you shouldn’t have to do any adjustments anyways. I don’t know if I’m sold on the buttons but it’s the least of my worries and I’m just a picky person.

The base seems a bit small for a 22″ display but it seems to be holding up just fine. Despite listing ’tilt’ and ‘swivel’ as one of it’s features I had a tough time with them. Either it’s super stiff or doesn’t actually ’tilt’ and ‘swivel’. Rather than testing the latter theory I just decided to leave it. No tilt means having to prop the monitor up higher. Easily done with an old college textbook (I knew that old chemistry book would come in handy).

Conclusion: great buy. I’m very happy with both what I paid (since I’m a cheap guy) and what I got. Not only does it look fantastic but it also has the performance to match. Buy one on sale and you’ve got the trifecta. It might be a little big for the college dorm but it can replace a lot of tvs when space is at a premium. This little LCD has got me sold on Samsung tv displays and subscribing to HD tv.

separate cables for VGA and DVI
glossy bezel (oooh, looks so expensive!), the display is matte
soft cloth shammy (for cleaning)

what’s with the short cables?
buttons, meh

4 Responses to “Review: Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW 22″ LCD”

  1. 1 Brian October 24, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    I just found this review while looking for info on the advertised tilt functio. Like yourself I couldn’t figure out how to tile it, but after a little looking I found that it does indeed tilt, it’s just incredibly stiff so you need to put a little more force into it than you likely feel comfortable with.

    Much happier with my purchase now.

  2. 2 jtsmyth8 October 27, 2008 at 9:09 am

    I figured as much. In my current setup, it would be nice to have it tilt slightly, however I’m not willing to risk cracking anything. I think I’ll just live with it for now. Thanks for your comment.

    (and enjoy your monitor!)

  3. 3 Duke November 21, 2008 at 9:43 am

    It really is an expensive looking monitor. When my tv broke I never bothered to replace it and just use my Samsung monitor as a full replacement. I’m happy with mine.

  4. 4 LN52A650 May 21, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    Samsung LN52A650
    WOW, what a picture!!! This TV rocks! I researched for several months to find “THE” TV, and I finally bit the bullet and bought it in January. I went from a 52″ Sony Projection to this remarkable LCD… I’m telling you, it’s like going from a Ford Pinto to a Bentley… I went to the big box stores to compare pictures, and I could easily tell that this one was the best of them all (size, price, etc.). I think it says a lot that the price has not gone down since I purchased 4 months ago. I will agree with some reviews that the sound is lacking, however, it’s not enough to keep me from regretting the purchase of this TV.. I use a home theater system anyway. Amazon was easy to purchase from and delivery was much faster than I was initially told. You WILL NOT be disappointed with this TV! Cannot wait to watch Ole Miss in HD this football season! GO REBS!

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