Seagate SSD’s coming in 2009

So it’s finally happening. Perhaps Seagate saw the writing on the wall once Intel started shipping SSD’s last month. It was hard to believe that the largest hard drive manufacturer had managed to resist market demands for so long. Perhaps you believe Rich Vignes when he says they are focused on perfecting the technology or maybe they are just stalling while the rush a product to market. The lawsuit against STEC was probably enough of a threat to get current SSD manufacturers to look over their existing patents, hopefully they are in the clear. Anybody else selling SSD’s need to push sales and hope that they can gain enough market share to sustain sales going forward. Because when 2009 hits, everybody’s gonna be buying Seagate SSD’s.

I’m guessing Western Digital will be announcing “baby raptor” SSD to debut in 2009 as well.

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