More servers, more problems

Most big companies with cash to spare, spend it to solve typical technological problems. Slow system performance? Upgrade, buy more servers, new hardware, or more bandwidth. Not often do you see companies invest in analyzing existing hardware performance and tweaking their systems. Take for example eBay. eBay handles an enormous amount of data through many, many auctions running 24/7. Sure, with the amount of money eBay is rolling in, it would be easy to buy a few more servers to accommodate people trying to hawk their stolen goods. Rather than doing that eBay took an innovative approach by analyzing the analytic data, finding bottlenecks and improving server efficiency. How’s that for a big company.

Now if only they would share some of those secrets with say … Google? Maybe searches could get even faster (if that’s possible) but also minimize future technology pollution going forward. You gotta think that 5 years from now Google and eBay and other technology companies create a lot of technology waste. Going green would help all of us.

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