Sign of the times: online game addiction

Are games becoming too fun? Today’s online worlds have become so immersive that game addiction is commonplace. Video games are big business, a billion dollar industry that has grown larger than the movie business. Online games like second life allow users to interact and even in some cases get married or even get divorced. However this can sometimes lead to real world consequences. Emotional attachments to virtual relationships often drive people over the edge. Wonder how the Japanese courts will handle virtual crime? Perhaps I should look into this Maple game.

Even Dr. Phil has taken a shot at game addictions. Who knows maybe a tough approach is the way to handle these problems. When virtual entertainment becomes a real world problem, it’s time for the industry to take a look at itself, rather than just sitting back and counting their money. Dr. Phil’s online addiction quiz is a bit of a joke. A sign that you’re addicted to online games is whether you can voluntarily step away from the game for a week. If you can do that you are the master of your domain.


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