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I, for one, welcome out new robot overlords

Should it be any surprise that this is happening? Little did we know that the movie Terminator was light years ahead of it’s time AND was predicting out bleak future. Self reliant robots with advanced artificial intelligence will probably spell the end of humankind. Making killing machines which do not question orders or morality is 1 step closer to our fictional demise. Does anyone else think this is crazy talk?

Who says you can’t have a hot lunch at your desk

Often I find myself stuck to my desk working on some unimportant project and absent mindedly work through my lunch hour. So I’m left to snack on unhealthy candy bars or have some other cold lunch. But who says you can’t have a hot lunch at your desk? Yet another innovative product (and probably a fire hazard might I add) which keeps your lunch hot while you slave away at your desk. The USB lunch bag helps you avoid the microwave lineup by using it’s built in heater to warm up last night’s left overs. Mmm, mmm, good.

Just remember to unplug it when you leave for the day. Nobody every burned down the office with a paper brown bag, but your little USB lunch bag just might do the trick. Keep on churning out the USB products my asian brothers and sisters!

Playstation credit card and more Sony stuff

If you’ve been thinking of getting a Sony Playstation 3 you might want to sign up for the new Playstation credit card. Not only will you save $150 off a new PS3 but you will also accumulate Sony Points towards more Sony stuff. Sadly the credit card is only available to residents of the United States.

However there are other promotions going on for Canadians right now.

*Save $150 off customized Vaio laptops (eCoupon- MYVAIO150) minimum purchase of $1500.00 is required.

*Save $100 off most GPS navu systems.

*Free ebooks with the purchase of the Reader Digital Book

*1 year of Bell Expressvu HD with the purchase of a Bravia LCD tv

SSDs: Western Digital says “maybe”

Up to this point neither Seagate or Western Digital has decided to dip into the SSD market … yet. Seagate has definitely ruled it out for the time being however Western Digital is open to idea, if an opportunity should present itself. So what does this tell us? WD isn’t investing in SSD development and has no plans to. Perhaps a bit of reverse engineering and tinkering but nothing officially on the books. On the other hand this might open the door for WD to buy up one of the smaller guys and get into the market on a mass scale, providing the price is right. Who knows? Maybe WD and Seagate will get into a bidding war over some small SSD company. Until then, looks like solid state drives will stay pricey. Stay tuned.

Death knell for print media

27 years in the biz and Ziff Davis has decided to cut their losses and stop issuing the print version of PC Magazine. As Internet advertising supplants other forms of media advertising more and more magazines will be forced to take this route. This isn’t to say that print media won’t have a place in the world’s future. However certain forms of print media will have to change to survive.

If your readers can get the same content on your website that you offer in your print edition, what’s stopping them from canceling their subscription. Unless you’re offering unique content, people are gonna take the free version, even if it is watered down. As well hundreds if not thousands of other bloggers or other online content producers are making that same or similar information available. Seems pretty gloomy for the traditional magazine.

That being said, nothing can replace the experience of a magazine, paperback, or hardcover book. Sure the content may be available in electronic format but there’s more to the act of absorbing information. I subscribe to feeds, I’m clicking on CNN, I watch YouTube videos but I still take time to read a newspaper. It’s one of the few times during the day that I unplug and yet still enjoy “content”. I don’t spend as much on magazines as I used to but it certainly won’t be an easy road ahead for them. I think I’ll go to Chapters after work.

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