SSD’s: it’s all about the money

Seagate Technologies recently reaffirmed that it has no plans to get into the SSD market and produce drives. For them, while interesting, and SSD venture at this time has not proven to be a money maker and Seagate claims that other manufacturers are losing money making and selling the product. Instead of getting into the game (too late) Seagate plans on developing a hybrid SSD drive with elements of current hard drive technology. Sounds like they are trying to make their own market for drives after missing the boat on SSD’s.

Let’s see, greener, faster, and physically smaller drives? Maybe the growth numbers don’t tell the whole story about the financial portion but people are buying them and so are companies. It’s expected that SSD’s will remain a small portion of overall data storage solution but there definitely appears to be an enterprise market for these devices.

Also good news for Windows lovers. Windows 7 is expected to take full advantage of SSD technology and should be optimized for maximum performance. Hmm, wonder if OS X has anything like that planned for the next release?


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